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ISSA Yoga Fundamentals Textbook

ISSA Yoga Fundamentals Textbook

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What You'll Learn From This Course
  1. The History, Philosophy, and Foundation of Yoga
  2. Yoga Poses For All Levels

  3. Yoga Applications For Structural And Functional Movement

  4. Teaching Pranayama And Breathing Techniques

  5. Class Program Design and Preparation For All Training Environments

  6. Inclusive Communication, Cueing, and Instruction

Why Learn Yoga Fundamentals?

Are you a fitness professional looking to expand what you can offer to your clients? Learning the fundamentals of yoga gives you all the tools and information you’ll need to incorporate yoga postures, stretching, and balance into every client’s routine.

You, your employer, and your clients can be confident in your knowledge, ability and credibility. Rest assured, you’ll be the best of the best! Share all of the amazing benefits of yoga, like improved awareness, stress management, strength, balance, and physical recovery, as a certified professional.

ISSA Certified Yoga Instructors want to provide students with the highest-quality yoga experience in the industry. Knowing the major role an instructor plays in class flow, function, and student experience, ISSA Yoga Instructors will have all the skills and tools at their disposal to lead superior sessions that will keep clients coming back. 

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