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Foundations and Applications for a Certified Personal Trainer

Foundations and Applications for a Certified Personal Trainer

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Foundations and Applications for a Certified Personal Trainer
The Tenth Edition

ISSA's Certified Personal Trainer course fills the need for a certification that applies science with real-world application. Within our course materials, ISSA Certified Personal Trainers will learn how the body responds to exercise, science-based fitness principles, nutrition, behavior modification, and effective fitness programming. They'll also learn how to apply that knowledge with actual clients to drive real, timely fitness results. Every student is supported along the way with unlimited access to educational support and a growing community of like-minded trainers. 

Healthy living changes lives, and as an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, you will change your life and the lives of every client you work with. No stone is left unturned with the updated ISSA Personal Training course. You’ll be prepared to learn quickly, get certified, start training clients, and build a life-long career in fitness as a respected expert.


The quiz and exam for this course is available online.  If you would like a printed copy of these, you can find the quiz here Personal Trainer Certification Quiz and the exam here Personal Trainer Certification Exam.

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