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Finally, personal trainers can eliminate the guesswork of genetic factors and design the perfect program for their clients! With ISSA's DNA-Based Fitness Coach Book, trainers learn to use genetic tests to create the most personalized fitness and nutrition plans possible.


In ISSA’s DNA-Based Fitness Coach , You’ll Learn:

  • Foundations Of DNA Testing And Reading Client Results

  • Client Body Response To Food, Exercise, And Weight Training

  • Intrinsic Motivation To Exercise

  • Fat Loss Response To Cardio

  • How To Apply DNA Results For Weight Loss And Athletic Performance.                                               

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Genetic Testing

  2. Weight Loss Ability

  3. Macronutrient Utilization

  4. Exercise Response

  5. Mental and Physical Base

  6. Training Response

  7. Recovery and Injury Risk

  8. Vitamin Utilization

  9. Mineral Utilization

  10. Application to Weight Loss

  11. Application to Performance


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