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Nasm Womens Fitness Coach

Nasm Womens Fitness Coach

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introduction: introduction to Women’s s fitness Course.


chapter 1: current status of women’s Health.


Chapter 2: Neuromuscular, Skeletal, Cardiorespiratory, and Endocrine Considerations.


Chapter 3: Hormones and Weight Control.


Chapter 4: Pregnancy and Postnatal Considerations.


Chapter 5: Menopause Considerations.


Chapter 6: Fitness Assessments for Women.


Chapter 7: Flexibility Training for Women.


Chapter 8: Cardiorespiratory Training for Women.


Chapter 9: Core, Balance, Plyometric, and SAQ Training for Women.


Chapter 10: Resistance Training for Women.


Chapter 11: Integrated Program Design for Women.


Chapter 12: Nutrition Guidelines for Women.


Chapter 13: Psychological and Motivational Considerations.


Chapter 14: Business and Professionalism.


 Couse Include:

  • Women’s Fitness Course manual
  • video demonstrations and lectures
  • complete in Few 4 weeks.
  • + 14 chapters.

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