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Bodybuilding Specialist - Book

Bodybuilding Specialist - Book

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International Sports Sciences Association


Complete Guide to Unlocking Muscle Hypertrophy

Josh Bryant, MS

This main course text, written by Josh Bryant, includes everything you need to earn an ISSA Bodybuilding certification.  The course material is continually updated with the new information so you can be sure you are receiving the most up-to-date information available.  

Table of Contents

1. Hypertrophy and Adaptations to Strength Training

It's All About the Muscle

Muscle Structure and Function

Connective Tissue

Nervous System: The Mind and Body Link

2. Basic Kinesiology and Biomechanics

Fundamental Movements of Major Body Segments

Movement Planes and Axes

Musculoskeletal Movement

The Principle of Levers

Newton's Laws of Motion 

3. Back to Basics

Get Big: Train Big Lifts

Hormonal Response to Heavy Core Lifts

4. Top Ten Exercises

Top Ten Exercises for Legs

Top Ten Exercises for Chest

Top Ten Exercises for Arms

Top Ten Exercises for the Back

Top Ten Exercises for Shoulders

Exercises for Abs, Calves, and Neck

5. Bands and Chains Break into Bodybuilding

Bands for Powerlifting

Using Bands and Chains

Crucial Points about Bands and Chains

Bands and Chains Improve Strength Curve

Bands and Chains for More than Core Movements

Stretch Movements

Contracted Exercises

6. Aerobic Training

Interval Conditioning

7. Stretching

Flexibility Assessment

Inflexibility and Injury Potential

Specificity and Flexibility

Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Periodization of Stretching


The Warm-up

Stretching Routines

8. Testing and Evaluation

Assessments for Bodybuilders

Benefits of Testing

Testing Procedures

Testing Problems and Concerns

Testing for Limit Strength

Comparing Strength Across All Bodyweights

Body Composition Testing

9. Periodization

Types of Periodization

ABC Bodybuilding Periodization Model

Review of the Granddaddy Laws

Fitness Fatigue Model

Avoiding Overtraining and Overreaching

Creating a Periodized Program

Sequence of Training

Foundational Training

Bulking/Hypertrophy Training

Competition Prep/Cutting

10. Bringing Up Symmetry and Attacking Weaknesses

Muscle Shaping

Stressing Different Muscle Parts

Isolation Exercises

Improving Symmetry and Lagging Body Parts

Increased Frequency

Working Origin and Insertion

Set Your Priorities

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

BOSU Ball and Stability Ball Training

11. Bodybuilding Methods and Traditions

Split System Training


Giant Sets

Rest-Pause Method

Drop Sets

EuroBlast Training

Staggered Sets

Traditional Pyramiding

Pre-Exhaustion Training

Post-Exhaustion Training

German Volume Training

20-Rep Breathing Squats

Forced Reps

Negatives (Eccentric Training)

Partial Reps

DC Training

Peak Contraction Training

Weider System/Principles

Heavy-Duty Training

Peripheral Heart Action Training

Circuit Training

Time under Tension (TUT) Training

Tempo Training


Compensatory Acceleration Training (CAT)

Muscle Priority Training

Cheating Exercises

Periodization Training

12. Nutrition

Essential Nutrients


13. Supplements and Drugs

Which supplements do you need?

Drugs in Bodybuilding

14. Recovery

Individual Differences


High-Frequency Fatigue (Electromechanical Fatigue)

Low-Frequency Fatigue (Mechanico-Metabolic Fatigue)

Long-Term Fatigue

Nutrition and Supplementation

Deloads for Bodybuilding


Further Expediting Recovery

15. Injuries in Bodybuilding


Injury Prevention

16. Bodybuilding Sports Psychology

Bodybuilding versus Traditional Sports

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