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Nasm Group Personal Trainer

Nasm Group Personal Trainer

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'What is group personal training!

-GPT involves a single trainer guiding a

group of members towards their fitnes goals.

the idea behind group personal training is exercise that is Done in a way that is fun, challengiap, and personally rewarding.

• what is the difference between GPT and Personal Training ?

- GPT work with a number of people with similar goals, while personal Trainers work with people On The individual level.

• what you'll learn !

• take you sport career wo the next leve with Tunisia sport eductation's specialization in group Personal training this One of a kind course will teach how to design , develop and deliver successful Workout programs.

By learning the strategies and tools needed for group personal training, you will be able to train more people more effectively, maximizing your time and income.

•learning how to develop at a strategic business

and workout plan

•understanding the coaching and communication skills needed in a group environment.

• Know how to guide, train, and motivate participants

•Learning the skills and techniques necessary to develop and deliver successful GPT sessions

in one setting, From 2 clients to 10+ clients.

• Our Couse

+ group Personal trainer Course manual

+ video demonstrations and lectures

+ activities sessions.

+ complete in Few 4 weeks.

+ 6 chapters


section 1: Fundamentals of group personal Training

chapter 1: Introduction to GPT + Learning the different types of group training based On volume, and desription of the benefits to the instructor and client.

chapter 2: Applied science identify the components to the kinetic chain and explore strategies to maximize their use in a group workout

section 2 : program design and coaching

chapter 3: group exercise selection and technique using client group size to determine exercise choices understand Common mistakes that group exercise Instructors make , and compare exercises used in groups with minimal equipment

chapter 4: developing GPT plan + identify best practices in creating a volume.based group training program

chapter 5 :worKout and Cues

learn how to identify and apply coaching technique for groups of different sizes and discover communication strategies and techniques increase participation

Section 3: Building your group coaching business

chapter 6: bulding your business determine

marketing strategies to attract and retain group training clients, develap pricing packages

• Our rules :

+ Final exam :90min  + 100 questions

you will have 2 attempts to pass

passing score 70% or higher to pass

+ What is the age limit  for the GPT course

18 years or older to start the course.

+ basic knowledge of fitness

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